Qom Government :
Printing and Publication

Shahab Industrial Park (Printing and publication) is the first park in its type. The said park bore fruits after a decay of efforts made by managers and thinkers in Qom Province by Qom Industrial Parks Corporation.
Due to importance of position and role of Qom Province in the nation in religious view thanks to its schools of clergy and ten thousands students studying at the said schools and 300 Islamic reesrach centers and institutes as well as global accredited universities, Shahab Industrial Park (Printing and publication) enjoys a unique position.
The said park with an area of over 200 Hectares is located at the 5-km of Qom-Tehran Highway and a place for gathering publishers and owners of printing houses who have devoted their lifetime, assets and efforts to propagate religious knowledge and school of Inmate and to develop cultural booming.
At the first stage, collection of publication and printing units in Qom is among other objectives of established of the said Park. Establishment of research, university and educational centers, religious parks and startup of permanent exhibition of religious books and development of cultural complex in 14 sections, using divine names of blessed persons are among other plan of Publication Park.
Adjacency to city of Qom
The said Park is located within jurisdiction area and benefits from urban services accordingly.
Adjacency to the railway being established
Adjacency to superhighway of Qom-Tehran Highway
Closeness to Imam Khomeini International Airport
The said park is specialized for printing industry.
Different design and implementation compared to other industrial parks


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