Qom Government :
Religious Science Schools

There are many religious schools for students of religious training which are activated under the supervision of Qom Huzeh (Elmiyeh) Qom religious school.
There are 48000 religious Iranian student who study full time, and 7000 students studying part time in different levels.
More over, there are 13000 foreign students studying full time, and 4000 students studying part time from 100 countries.

Feizyyeh religious school:

Feizyyeh School is one of the most famous religious school of Islam world.
The present building of school is located in old courtyard was made in place of Astaneh school which is one of works of sixth century. The school building has four verandas, forty rooms downstairs, and forty rooms upstairs that the history of this school dates back to fourteenth century.

DarAlshafa religious school:

FathAli shah Gajar order to make this school and it is connected to Feizyyeh School in L.H 1214. At the beginning it was a place for curing the patients and was known as the Holy shrine clinic, and in L.H 1307, Kamran Mirzaei Qajar repaired it and this school was known as Dar - Al - Shafa.
This school before Islamic Revolution was destroyed because of depreciation and it was reconstructed in a lighter style in three floors. It has 200 rooms one gathering saloon & 16 public halls, and a part of it is designed for the administrative and managing departments.

Sebtiyeh school (Bit - Al - Noor)

This school is located in Mir square, and it was the worshipping place of Had rat Masoumeh (s.) which is recontructed with an interesting architerture. Some rooms have been made around the school for the students.

Jahangir khan school:

It was known as Naseri and Janikhan School and it is situated in Taleqani street near Kohneh square opposite Jame mosque, and it belongs to safavi period.

Razavi School:

This school is located in Taleqani street in Qom and the first building of this is one of the oldest school and it is attributed to Emam Reza (a.s.)

Hujjatiyeh School:

It is one of the largest religious schools of Qom. In L.H. 1366 Ayyatullah Sayyid Muhammad Hujjat Kohkamirei Tabrizi ordered to make it and he is engraved here. Nowadays, this school is used for Non - Iranian students. Some other famous & big seminary schools of Qom are: Ghiyathiyeh (Pamanar) Haj Sayyid Sadeq, Ayyatullah Golpayegani, Shahbieyeh, Masomiyeh, Moemeniyeh, Khan, Saduq, Mahdiyeh, Haqani, Shahiydeyan, Emam Sadeq (a.s.) Kermaniyha, Alhadi Jama - Al - Zahra (s.)

Source: Qom Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization

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