Qom Government :
Economical Geography

The most important economical sources of Qom province, is tourism industry, specially religious tourism. The holy shrine of Hadrat Masoumeh (s.) receives many pilgrims during all the seasons who come to Qom from different cities of Iran and other countries. This condition affects the jobs market and economy very much.
Secondly, after the tourism industry other industries and mines, agriculture, handicrafts, souvenirs, are some of the important economical sources of this province, of course handicrafts and souvenirs development are completely related to the tourism development.
Salafchegan special economical zone is a place for the economical development of this province.
There are three hunting parks in different parts of Qom province and animals varieties can be considered as the potentials of tourism development and attracting economical incomes for the people.

Source: Qom Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization

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