Qom Government :
Political Geography

Qom province is limited from north to Tehran province. From east to semnan province, from south to Isfahan province and Markazi province, and from west and south to Markazi province.
Qom province is located in the west of salt lake. According to the latest governmental division, this province has one city (Qom) and five divisions which are central division, kahak division, Khalejestan division, salafchegan division, and Jafar Abad division. It also has five towns which are Qom, Qanavat, Kahak, Dasjerd, Jafariyeh, and ten rural districts with 356 villages. Qom province has a special geographical situation and because of that, it was considered as one of the most important places for human beings it the primary civilizations.

Source: Qom Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization

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