Qom Government :
Mahmoud Abad

Introduction to Mahmoud Abad Industrial Park

Mahmoud Abad Industrial Park of Qom, with an area of over 353 Hectares in two phases, is located at the 20-km of Qom-Tehran Highway and is considered one of the most significant and developing parks of Qom Province. Mahmoud Abad Industrial Park has found its real position due to change in attitude and general system of Qom Province accordingly.
Thanks to its location and existing infrastructures, the aforesaid Industrial Park may witness of a huge quantity of investment and establishment of small and large industries in such a way as development volume of the said Park is noticeably being increased annually.
Mahmoud Abad Industrial Park promises a bright future ahead relying on proceeding process and establishment of plants manufacturing automotive parts, casting, producing paper and household appliances.
With 23 km of gas network, 28 km of water network and 27 km of electrical network, presently, Mahmoud Industrial Park contains 184 contracts signed in the said park through entrepreneurship for over 778 persons.
Thanks to its desirable water and concerning the fact that Qom Province faces shortage of water, access of Tehran-Qom Highway and former road, closeness to Imam Khomeini International Airport and quick access and closeness to industrial provinces of the nation and most importantly, benefiting from incentives for investment including tax exemption, Mahmoud Abad Industrial Park has provided a unique place for investors of industrial and production sector.
Since responsible authorities of the nation are concerned about software and consulting software dimension of the industrial plants, established in Mahmoud Abad Industrial Park, besides hardware activities and provision of infrastructures, suitable grounds have been established for business, and making every possible effort for realization of national production and support of Iranian works and assets.


Adjacency and closeness to capital city of Iran as the largest market of production and consumption
Mahmoud Abad Industrial Park is locate beyond prohibition border of investment in Tehran and benefits from appertaining privileges.
The said Industrial Park is located within the area of less-developed districts and benefit from privileges of ten-year tax exemption.
Adjacency to Qom-Tehran Highway
Closeness to Imam Khomeini International Airport
Transfer of title deed for six shares to industrial plants, with final building completion certificate and operation permit in the first phase of the Industrial Park

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