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About Salafchegan Industrial Park

Salafchegan Industrial Park of Qom Province, with an area of over 550 Hectares in two phases, is domiciled at the 3-km of former Qom-SavehRaod and it is among industrial parks of Qom Province, next to Saveh Industrial Park, and located in Salafchegan region. Salafchegan-Qom General Region enjoys great communication importance in such a way as nationwide north-to-south railway and Tehran-East railway pass through the said region. Moreover, Tehran, Saveh, Esfahan and Tehran, Arak highways pass through the said region accordingly.
All of the aforesaid characteristics reveal strategic position of Salafchegan region in the nation. Presently, Salafchegan Industrial Park in Qom is located in the central part of the said region.
After Salafchegan Industrial Park has changed to a province and attitude of its managers has changed, the said Industrial Park could go through an increasing growth process in such a way as Qom Province Industrial Parks Corporation has made development phase of the said Industrial Park close to operation phase as well.
Thanks to its unique characteristics, Salafchegan Industrial Park may contain clean industries, high-tech and modern industries.
Presently, there are over 83 industrial plants and entrepreneurship for over 900 persons. From among the most important industries, established in the said Park, we may point out large industrial plant producing computer parts, artificial leather, prefabricated houses, and recycling and oil and gas transfer pipelines insulation.
Besides the aforesaid characteristics, the said Industrial Park is located at the 30-km beyond center of Qom province and this is one of the advantages of Salafchegan Industrial Park, therefore, respective plants, established in the said Park may benefit from tax discounts.


Salafchegan Industrial Park is located on superhighway of the nation.
Salafchegan Industrial Park is adjacent to Salafchegan Special Economic Zone.
Salafchegan Industrial Park is located at the 30-km beyond center of Qom Province and benefits from tax advantages of the same.
Final title deed for the entire six shares shall be submitted to industrial plants, which have an operation permit and final building completion certificate.
Closeness to railway network
Closeness to representative office of Salafchegan Customs Office
Salafchegan Industrial Park is located on Salafchegan-Qom-Tehran Highway which is of great importance.
Suitable price compared to other industrial parks of Qom Province

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