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Introduction to Shokouhieh Industrial Park

Distinguished Industrial Park of the nation in 2009 Shokouhieh Industrial Park with an area given as 955 Hectare in two phases, and domiciled at the 13-km of Former Tehran-Qom Road, is the largest and the most active Industrial Park in Qom Province.
With 60 km of water network, 60 km of electrical network and 55 km of gas network as main substructure of an industrial park, the aforesaid Park is among top and distinguished industrial parks across the nation. In 2009, the said park was introduced as the Year's Top Park in consideration of providing buildings and park development and was highly appreciated by the President and Minister of Industries and Mines in the said year accordingly.
Shokouhieh Industrial Park is located adjacent to Qom Province and enjoys a unique position as the superhighway of over 25 provinces of the nation, closeness to capital city and benefiting from strategic Tehran-Qom Highway in such a way as it contains more than 80% of industrial park, domiciled in industrial parks of Qom Province.
Variety of industrial plants at small and large industries sector and workshops of the said Park, it provides investors with the possibility of open-minded investment and desirable power of selection and the said park has been chosen for establishment and even development of its industrial plant.
Appropriate prices of land simultaneous with providing substructure services of the high quality by the said Industrial Park are among other advantage of the said Park accordingly.
Being concerned about software and consulting concepts besides hardware preparation of the said Park by Qom Province Industrial Parks Corporation are among other advantages of the said Park in such a way as considering all of the said advantages, there is a high interest in choosing the said Park for development of active and industrious small industries and large industrial plants. Presently, 1200 contracts have been concluded in the said Industrial Park through entrepreneurship of more than 12000 persons accordingly.

Advantages of the Industrial Park

Closeness to center of Qom Province
Leveled lands of the Industrial Park
Adjacency to capital city of the nation as the largest production and consumption market
Connection to optic fiber network
Establishment of industries in different fields
workshops for establishment of small industries
Operation of trading and service complex
Indoor swimming pool and sports complex
Cultural services complex and assembly hall
Establishment of business services center



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