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To all craftsmen:

(Thank God with whose blessings we could serve the people of our blessed city where the most generous member of Inmate, Hazrat-e-Fatemeh Masoumeh (Peace be upon Her)
Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Organization (ISIPO) takes astride toward promotion of the role of small industries in value-added share of the nation and support of formation of industrial unions as well as making great changes in the same accordingly.
During its short lifelong as of establishment in March 1998 Qom Province Industrial Parks Corporation, as one of companies, affiliated to the aforesaid Organization, has the honor to provide valuable services for craftsmen and investors of Qom Province for entrepreneurship opportunities and material, intellectual and consulting supports of small industries, creating related industries to the regional capabilities, preventing non-harmonized industries and improvement of occupational and safety conditions accordingly.Having established industrial parks with an area of 6000 Hectares and proper services and infrastructure facilities, the aforesaid Corporation could attract owners of industries and investors to industrial parks in Qom Province. Conclusion of 1497industrial contracts,signed by over 15000 persons in industrial parks of Qom Province until March 2013, creating direct entrepreneurship, proves the aforesaid statements.
It should be added that during the recent years, different plans have been implemented aiming at promotion of industry in the industrial parks. Further to development of existing industrial parks, we may point out commencement of transfer of lands of Samen-al-Aemeh and Publication Industrial Parks to applicants accordingly. Furthermore, preparation of ICT and Al-Ghadir (nationwide distinguished) industrial parks have been included in the agenda and the same are being prepared as well.
Establishment of Center of Applied-Science and Technology of Shokouhieh Industrial Park, activating deputy office of small industries and granting financial and consulting facilities to craftsmen are among other valuable services, provided for craftsmen.
In concluding all investors and craftsmen are invited to benefit from appropriate industrial grounds and facilities, provided in Qom Province of a unique position due to desirable regional location in the nation.

Iran Industrial Parks Company

Industrial Parks Company of Iran was established in 1983, aiming at establishment of coordination and desirable use of infrastructure facilities and providing proper and essential services to applicants for investment in industrial products, ratified by Islamic Consultative Assembly and then, affiliated companies were established in other provinces accordingly.
By virtue of the Ratification of Administrative Supreme Council, Small Industries Organization and Industrial Parks Company of Iran were merged in July 1985 and eventually Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Organization (ISIPO) was established and it is run as a governmental company accordingly.

Qom Province Industrial Parks Corporation

Qom Province Industrial Parks Corporation, as one of affiliated companies to ISIPO, was established in March 1998 and started its activity through collaboration with Shokouhieh and Salafchegan Industrial Parks in April 1998 accordingly. Presently, the aforesaid corporation has seven approved industrial parks.
Shokouhieh, Salafchegan and Mahmoud Abad Industrial Parks are presently active and transfer of lands in Printing and Publication (Shahab) and Samen-al-Aemeh industrial Parks to applicants has started. Al-Ghadir (nationwide distinguished) and IT industrial parks are being prepared for transfer to applicants upon obtaining required approvals, land proprietorship and design accordingly.
On the strength of Law on Support of Rural Industrial zones, ratified on Sept 28, 2005 by Islamic Consultative Assembly and further to appertained Executive By-law of the said Law, and according to Ratification No H 35253T/116002 dated Dec 9, 2006 by Cabinet of Ministers industrial zones of Qom Province were transferred from Jihad-Agriculture Organization to Industrial Parks Corporation.
Presently, Khor Abad, Cyro, Toghrood and Dastjerd Industrial zones are ready to attract industrial investors.

Prospective, mission and strategic goals

Qom Province Industrial Parks Corporation is dynamic, knowledge-oriented and agile. The said Corporation has provided the best choice for investment of industrial units across the nation and proceeds small industries of the said Province toward globalization accordingly.
Qom Province Industrial Parks Corporation is affiliated to ISIPO and relying on updated knowledge and technology, empowerment of its personnel and through interaction with beneficiaries, the said Corporation is involved in organizing industries and environmental protection through establishment and development of industrial parks and zones in Qom Province and in empowerment of small industries as well.
• Strategic goals
• Establishment and development of industrial parks and zones
• Development of infrastructure facilities
• Environmental protection
• Empowerment of small industrial plants
• Promotion of domestic and international markets
• Development of industrial clusters and parks
• Promotion of operation of industrial plants
• Human resources and management development of industrial plants and support of entrepreneurship
• Promotion of technology in industrial plants
• Empowerment of socio-industrial organizations
• Organizational elevation of Qom Province Industrial Parks Corporation
• Development of human resource of the corporation
• Hire of updated technology in the corporation
• Development of income resources of the corporation

Advantages of establishment in industrial parks and zones:

Payment of operation duties of lands and equipment in cash and by installment (30% in cash and 70% in installment)
The possibility of mortgage of contract book for transfer of lands in order to obtain bank loan facilities
Assigning administration of industrial parks to owners of industries, resident in the said parks
Issuance of authorizations for establishment and completion certificates by the corporation free of charge and immediately
Excluding industrial parks from municipal law
The possibility of benefiting from subservices such as connection to internet, technical-engineering services, medical emergencies, restaurants and trading, sports and cultural centers and etc.
Decrease of investment costs due to using common and organized services in industrial parks such as water, electricity, telephone and gas network and asphalt passageways, widespread green spaces and etc.
The possibility for using credit and technical consulting services and removing research need through students' dissertations and theses
The possibility for purchase of prepared workshops expediting operation of small industries products
Encouraging investors to invest in industrial parks and zones
In order to encourage investment in industrial parks and zones, in case of presenting timetables for implementation of requested production plants on the condition of realization of provisions stipulated in this directive, certain facilities are granted in the following cases:
Article 1: In case of presenting respective timetable, the applicants are authorized to act upon construction of an Industrial Park within a maximum period of twelve months, subject to 5% leniency in the following conditions.
1-1: Presenting a timetable for implementation of the project upon conclusion of contract
1-2: No violations from construction criteria and presenting building completion certificate
1-3: Settlement of installments on appointed dates of maturity according to respective directive
1-4: Establishment of at least 35% of floor area on the transferred land
In case applicants receive and submit an operation permit within a maximum period of 12 months as of conclusion date of contract, issued by corresponding organizations according to production capacity, designated in respective permit submitted and presenting insurance certificate of personnel issued by social security organization for each entrepreneurship, they will be subject to 0.5% leniency for operation fee of lands and equipment for fifty persons at most (maximum leniency: 25%).
In case executive activities for development of a factory are not operated within 12 months, a maximum period of 18 months is acceptable. However, in case of delay in construction and operation for six months, 1/3rd of total discounts shall be deducted.
Note 1: In case of violation from a maximum period of 18 months in construction and operation, respective discount shall be nullified.
Note 2: In case applicants meet one of respective conditions (construction or operation), they shall benefit from equal conditions accordingly.
Note 3: The applicants who must settle respective installments and liabilities and have concluded a contract within the framework of this directive, they shall benefit from maximum half of encouragements if they pay their deferred installments and liabilities on appointed dates according to the articles of this section provided that they meet other conditions.
Article 4: Respective leniencies of industrial parks shall be refunded to the applicant upon calculation and confirmation of Board of Directors in form of the first promissory notes, which have not been matured.
Note: No rights are reserved by the applicant unless an official notification is issued to the applicant, party to contract, indicating amount of exemption, on definite dates of maturity.

Role of private sector in industrial parks
In the meeting dated Sept 4, 2011 and upon recommendation of ministry of industry, mine and trade and justice administration, the ministers and in order to enact Article 12 of Law on Transfer of Ownership and Administration of Industrial Parks' Affairs ratified in 2008 and through observance of Ratification No H 373 T/164082 dated Dec 31 2007, the members of Bills Committee has ratified Executive By-law of the aforesaid Law as follows:
In case over 50% of transferable lands of operational phase of each Industrial Park and zone is transferred and minimum number of plants, operated reaches to 15 ones in an Industrial Park and to 8 ones in a rural industrial zone, considering respective conditions mentioned in sample articles of association, the corporation shall act upon establishment of a service corporation and assign administration of relevant affairs to the Industrial Park and zone to this Corporation accordingly.
Prior to establishment of a service corporation, administration of associated affairs with the Industrial Park and zone is done by this Corporation.
In this law, all persons, who conclude a contract with this Corporation for startup of an industrial, production and service plant, are regarded as members (shareholder) of the service corporation and the said service corporation is obligated to perform required legal formalities within a maximum period of one month as of conclusion date of the said contract.
Note: In case of termination, withdrawal and cancellation of the contract, respective industrial, production and service plant is legally excluded from membership of the service corporation.


Main activities of the service companies are described hereunder:

General administration of all affairs, which provide qualitative and quantitative promotion of general and civil services in the Industrial Park through an autonomous process through full observance of current rules and regulations of the nation in administrative and financial view.
General administration of respective affairs supervising over maintenance and administration of the Industrial Park such as
Maintenance of water and wastewater installations and equipment and related treatment plants and electrical and mechanical installations
Maintenance of green spaces, passageways and public buildings
Gathering garbage and industrial wastes as well as public cleansing of the Industrial Park
Urgent repair, restoration and rehabilitation of the said infrastructure facilities and installations
Collection of common charges, subject of Article 8 of Executive By-law of Law on Transfer of Ownership and Administration of Industrial Parks
Coordination for providing required services including telecommunication, internet and information as well as other services, which are needed for maintenance and promotion of quality and quantity of administration of the industrial parks and facilitating related affairs to industrial plants upon discretion of the general assembly of the service corporation.
Physical maintenance of land, buildings and equipment of the Industrial Park based on respective rules and regulations through coordination with corresponding organizations
Investment and obtaining bank loan facilities for realization of objectives of the service corporation on the strength of respective law and appertained by-law
Note: The service corporation is actively only within the framework of its line of activity and is not authorized to transfer lands and operation right and not to interfere with duties and powers of the corporation.


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