Qom Government :
National Cargo Hub

Development of National Cargo Hub

Location Description

This 300 Acres terminal will be developed near the three main international transit and transportation corridors (North-South, East-West, and Asian South Corridors) with the possibility to use multiple transportation methods including roads, railways, airways, and pipelines. Closeness to under-development Qom Airport, Sageh Train Station, Qom-Salafchegan Transit road and Northeast and South Belts are among the most important specifications of this project.

Location Specifications

1. Multiple transportation methods including airway, railway and roads
2. Vast container services
3. Vast inventory services

Operations and Costs

The first phase of this project will need and estimated funding of 60.5 million dollars.

Hub Development Outcomes

1. Vast employment opportunities
2. New economic opportunities
3. Improved safety and reduced road accidents

4. Modern and efficient transportation services for the province
5. Considerable incomes for the province
6. Increased transportation capabilities for the province
7. Increased national economic role for the province



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