Qom Government :
National Central Travel Hub

Development of National Central Travel Hub

Location Description

This 1000 Acers Terminal will be located adjacent to Qom-Tehran and Qom-Kashan Freeways including combined stations of different transportation methods like Tehran-Qom-Isfahan Express Train, Qom-Bandar Abbas Train, and Tehran-Qom-Ahvaz-Khoram Shahr Train, as well as Monorail Station, Line B of Subway, Municipal and Traveling Bus stations and different passenger service centers (like those in Berlin, Madrid and Lisbon terminals).

Location Specification

The project will have subparts including following usages:

- The great passenger service building (three floors including : Train Terminal, Bus Terminal, Subway Terminal, Monorail, and municipal transportation)
- Agencies, hotels, and tourism service centers
- Road SOS center, clinics, Fire Station
- Banks and monetary services
- Four and five star hotels

Operations and Costs

The project will need and estimated funding of 91 million dollars.

Project Development Outcomes

1. Increased religious tourism and pilgrimage
2. Vast employment opportunities
3. New economic opportunities
4. Improved safety and reduced road accidents
5. Modern and efficient transportation services for the province


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