Qom Government :
New Qom-Tehran Freeway

Development of new Qom-Tehran freeway

Description of the passage

Qom- Tehran freeway with the length of 135km (70km of it in the Qom's limit) has 3 lines and 6000 car capacity in any direction during almost all the time and with traffic quality of E at critical level, so that traffic volume during especial time, account to 70000 vehicle per day, and then, the axis deservers the third and the fourth grade in country. This highway as the most important part of communication bridge, is clamping ring between capital and southern, western and eastern provinces. Construction of some establishments including Imam Khomeini Airport and some towns like publication, IT, carpet exhibition and... , alongside of this axis, substantially have and will be increased its importance.

Projects particularities and specifications

1. Includes 6 two lined motorways, each in the 3.65m width
2. Includes separation distance in the width of 1.6m
3. asphalted shoulder in 0.8 and 2.45 and dirt shoulder in 2m width

Volume of operations and costs

By considering 120km length of road and taking into account its related multi level intersection, the required credit for the project is 245 million dollars.

The result of execution of this highway

1. promoting roads quality and quantity levels by upgrade technical specifications.
2. To smooth traffic
3. Enhancement of road levels and level service of existing path
4. To increase safety and geometrical levels of road and to decrease accidents

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