Qom Government :
Neizar Axis to Freeway

Promoting Neizar's axis to freeway

Description of the passage

Qom- Neizar axis in Qom's south west, with the length of 40km and 1 pass line, and 1800 vehicle capacity per hour, has had horrible accidents. This way has a very good situation for management and directing the traffic (especially heavy traffic) that due to many technical and geometrical complexities and being several road's ups and downs, availability, especially at the end of the road, lacks proper efficiency. Existence of Neizar's cement factory and anticipated programs for developing Neizar region to industrial area, induces increase in vehicle traffic, especially heavy ones, in this region.

Projects particularities and specification

1. Includes 4 two lined motorways each with 3.85m width
2. Includes separation distance in the width of at least 1 m
3. Dirt shoulder with 1m width

Volume of operations and cists

By considering 40km length of road and taking into account its related multi level intersections, projects required credit is 24.5 million dollars.

The results of execution of this freeway

1. Decrease of 20km in Qom- Esfahan distance
2. Transferring the heavy traffic of Qom- Salafchegan axis to this axis
3. Enhancement of transit capacity of province and axis
4. Improvement of transportation infrastructures in Neizar region and Salafchegan trade specific zone (dry port of salafchegan).
5. Increase in investment attractions in industrial field of Neizar and specific trade zone of Salafchegan (dry port of Salafchegan)
6. To smooth the traffic
7. Enhancement of road's level and servicing the existing way

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