Qom Government :
Qom-Kashsn Old Axis to Freeway

Promoting old axis of Qom- Kashsn to freeway

Description of passage

Old axis of Qom- Kashan with 85km length and 1 line, is 1800 vehicle per hour capacity during critical volume traffic and E quality in different time of year and specially nighttime. This axis as a part of international north - south and southern Eurasia corridors, has important transitional role in county's central part. On the other hand, by considering the pass of heavy vehicles with port starting points, and south customs (BandarAbbas) to country's central area and transport of metal and nonmetal industrial productions to country's central part, old axis of Qom- Kashan has a domestic cargo importance. This axis in province's southeast, is a very important bridge to connect south and southeast provinces to country's north and east regions.

Project's particularities and specifications

1. Including 4 two motorway lines, each in the 3.85m width
2. Including separation distance in the width of at least 1m
3. dirt shoulder with 1m width

Volume of operations and costs

By considering 85km length of road and taking into account its related multi levels intersections, projects required credit is 51.5 million dollars.

The result of execution of highway

1. Enhancement of the axis and province's transit capacity and potential
2. Easing the traffic
3. Promoting service level of existing way
4. Accident reduction


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