Qom Government :
Qom-Tehran Old Axis to Freeway

Promoting old Qom- Tehran axis to freeway

Qom- Tehran's old road with the length of 135 km (76 km of it, is in the Qom's limit) is 1 pass line with 1800 vehicle capacity during critical volume of traffic and with E quality during different times of year, specifically nighttime. This axis as the most important country's transit road, is clamping ring between capital with entrance and exit points of country. Passing alongside of Tehran's important Hassan Abad industrial town, Qom's Shokoohieh and Mahmoodabad, Qom and Tehran's under construction transportation towns, has considerably increased its importance. Transit and domestic trucks traffics of axis with activation of international corridors passing the region and Qom, is being increased dramatically and will provide more investment opportunities.

Project's particularities and specifications

1. Including 4 two lined motorways, each with the width of 3.85.
2. Separation distance with at least 1m width
3. 1m dirt shoulder width

Volume of operations and costs

By considering 80 km length of road and taking into account its related multi level intersections, project's required credit is 48.5 million dollars.

The result of execution of this highway

1. Enhancement of ways quality and quantity (developing to highway)
2. Accident reduction as a result of traffic reduction
3. To smooth the traffic
4. Reduction of fuel costs and reduction of travel time
5. To enhance province and axis transit capacity

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