Qom Government :
Qom-Jafarieh Axis to Freeway

Promoting Qom- Ja'farieh axis to freeway

Description of passage

Having a very important role in the country's central traffic, because of its low capacities and inserted traffic limitations, the potentials of this path in the Qom's west region, has not been used. By linking Qom-Ja'farieh axis to Salafchegan - Save's freeway, there is a very important transportation infrastructure to directing northwest traffic to southeast, and in addition to decrease the entering traffic to Tehran and axis reaching to it, it also creates more efficient relation between industries settled in central industrial provinces (e.g. Qom's Shokohieh town with Save's Kaveh Industrial town). This axis in the length of 40 km with 1 two way line, has capacity for 1200 vehicle per hour, in either direction. Traffic volume during special time of year, is in the critical level with Equality.

Project's particularities and specifications

1. including 6 two way motorway lines, each in the 3.65m width
2. including separation barrier distance in the width of 1.6m
3. Asphalted road shoulder in the width of 0.8 and 2.45m and dirt shoulder in the width of 2 m.

Volume of operations and costs

Considering 40 km length of the road and taking into account the related multi level intersections, project's required credit is over 73 million dollars.

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