Qom Government :
Qom-Qazvin Railway

Development of Qom-Qazvin Railway

Line Description
The line starts in Nodezh stations leading to Qazvin covering a 225Km distance, 35Km of which is inside Qom Provincial Region.

Railway Specifications
1. UIC60 Rails
2. B70 Concrete traverse
3. Minimum arc radios of 700
4. Blast based on technical standards
5. UIC60 Switch point

Operations and Costs
Since 35Km of the whole 225Km railways is inside Qom provincial region the project including signaling requirements will need 76 million dollars(for provincial region)

Railway Development Outcomes
1. Reduction of Qom-Qazvin distance up to 100Km
2. Establishment of a direct route from Qom as the focal point of national railway transportation to north, Caspian Sea and the CIS
3. Improving the east-west railway corridor
4. Accelerated railway connection from south and southeast regions to north, Caspian Sea, and northwest
5. Passive Defense foundations
6. Reduced travel time and increased speed
7. Improved satisfaction for the pilgrimage to sacred places
8. Reduced energy costs
9. Reduced shipping amortization



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