Qom Government :
Qom-Salafchegan Railway

Expansion of Qom-Salafchegan Railway (Double lining)

Line Description
Qom-Salafchegan passage needs a second line development as one of the most strategic national railways requiring substructure, technical facilities, and superstructure for an 84Km distance from Qom station to Salafchegan Zone and Nangerd station in provincial region.

Railway Specifications
1. UIC60 Rails
2. B70 Concrete traverse
3. Minimum arc radios of 500
4. Blast based on technical standards
5. UIC60 Switch point

Operations and Costs
Development of the second Qom-Salafchegan railway for 84Km in provincial region requires 91 million dollars in funding.

Railway Expansion Outcomes
1. Trade acceleration up to 60%
2. Improved safety for railway transportation
3. Improved shipping efficiency
4. Better consumer satisfaction
5. Permanent employment for 13 persons
6. Preparing for increased investment in the province due to improved transportation



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