Qom Government :
Tehran- Qom– Esfahan High-speed Railway

Completing Tehran-Qom-Esfahan High-Speed Railway


This double railway is 410 km long with 170 km between Tehran and Qom, and 240 kilometers between Qom and Isfahan.The predicted maximum train speed is 300 kph at the time of operation. There are seven stations on Qom-Isfahan line, with three stations in Meymeh, Mourchekhort, and one adjacent to Isfahan's Naghsh Jahan stadium.

Particularities and Specification of the Railway

1- Rail UIC60
2- B70 concrete sleepers
3- minimum radius of curvature of 3000
4- high technical standards
5- pins (connectors) UIC60

Size and Cost of Operation

Given the length of the route i.e. 410 km, the initial estimate is 1242 million dollars.

The Results of Developing the Railway

1- Reducing the travel time between Tehran and Isfahan to about 2 hours.
2- Increasing travel safety and preventing road accidents due to the large traffic on this route
3- Saving time
4- Saving fuel
5- Using modern and indigenous technology
6- Developing passive defense infrastructure




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